Young people often take in pets not realizing what a burden of responsibility falls on them. This young couple rented a house for the summer at the seaside. To make the vacation more enjoyable for their children they took a Labrador from a shelter. However, the summer had passed before they knew it.

The family left, but they did not take the dog with them. The Lab was left lying in the mud on the street. It was due to kind people who fed him that the pooch survived.

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No one wanted to adopt the Lab, left on the street right in front of the house where he had once been happy. Being unable to take in the doggie, a local boy posted this sad story on social media to find a new home for the pet.

Source: pulse

The post caught the eye of volunteers, who immediately came to the rescue. On arriving to the rescue site they noticed that the dog didn't look healthy. His stomach was bloated, he had hairless patches, and could hardly walk.

The poor thing was taken to the shelter and after an examination was prescribed treatment. Fortunately, after a month of proper care, the Labrador felt better, which allowed to look for a forever home for him.

Source: pulse

However, the dog was returned to the shelter three times. He still had some health issues so people didn't want to spend money on medical care. But the world is not without good people. An elderly woman saw the story of the Labrador on social media and took the dog in. As the saying goes, all is well that ends well. Big thanks to kind people.

Source: pulse

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