A 37-year-old resident of Louisiana named Robert Brantley was on his way home when he noticed a tiny lonely kitten on the roadside. The man stopped to help the baby, and suddenly realized that he was in a real ambush.

A tiny kitten. Source: petpop.com

As soon as he took the kitten in his arms, a crowd of loudly meowing furry tricksters jumped out of the grass at him. It seemed as if, with the help of their saddest brother, they had lured a man to go home with him or at least ask him for more food.

"Oh, my God! I can't take you all with me. Oh, my God," Robert Brantley exclaimed.

The cutest find. Source: petpop.com

Seeing a cat gang, the man was confused, but eventually took home all the tailed children found on the road, of which there were as many as 13.

"As long as they all live in my house, they are fine. But when I first fed them, they fought as if they had never eaten before," said Robert.

Robert suggested that these kittens were domestic, but the owners for some reason threw them away. He plans to keep two or three kittens, and for others he will look for a new home. Some of his furry friends are going to be picked up by his neighbors.

Source: petpop.com

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