As a rule, babies are born weighing between 6lbs and 11lbs unless, of course, they have some health issues. Few newborns have weight that exceeds 16lbs. However, one woman has welcomed a 17lbs baby girl! To learn how the girl looks and feels now read our article.

Tati used to work as a nurse, but she had to put her career to a halt after she had welcomed her first child. Now she is a housewife who is busy taking care of her eleven kids!

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Tati's husband is a serviceman, so he is often away from home and barely takes part in raising kids. Tati and her hubby are both not very tall but unlike the man Tati could well be a plus size model. During her eleventh pregnancy everything seemed to be alright, there were no pathologies and the baby was developing normally.

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But 3 weeks before the due date, the woman's baby bum started growing rapidly. She had another scan that showed the baby was overweight, even posing a threat to the health of the expectant mother. Soon Tati had C-section. The baby girl was expected to be born with the weight of 13lbs, but not 17lbs! The baby girl was the largest newborn in the world.

Fortunately, the girl named Nadine was healthy.

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First, there were problems with breastfeeding because there wasn't enough breast milk to feed the baby so the woman had to opt for formula.

Now Nadine is 13 years old. Looking at this pretty girl, it is hard to believe that she was a 17-lb newborn. Now Nadine doesn't recognize herself in her old photos.

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The girl is the eleventh child and the youngest in the family. The large family lives in a three-room apartment. The older children have already left the nest and have their own families. But when the family gets together, they have a very noisy and fun time.

Source: news76times

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