Shirley Lann, 84, from North Carolina, has always been a dog person. Unfortunately, about a month ago she lost her beloved dog Kinsey who had been her loyal friend for fourteen years. The pet reminded of her late husband with whom she had shared the dog until his death in 2011. No wonder Lann was in low spirits after that painful loss.

According to Shirley’s grandson, Matthew McVey, the woman's mood dramatically changed after the loss of her beloved doggie.

It was also painful for Lann's family to see that their grandma heartbroken so they decided to help her. After some search on the Internet, the woman's daughter spotted Sammy, a delightful Lhasa Apso pup. The woman's intuition told her that the pup would brighten up her mum’s world. So the family decided to give Shirley a wonderful present, an adorable Lhasa Apso puppy. Matthew, her grandson, took a photo of their first meeting, and posted this precious moment on Twitter.

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"My grandma lost her dog that she’s had for the past 14 years about a month ago (she was extremely close with her since it was my late grandfather’s dog too) and hasn’t been the same since she passed. Today my mom surprised her with Sammy" Matthew wrote on Twitter.

When the elderly woman saw Sammy, she couldn't but burst in happy tears and sob with joy. Still crying, Shirley took the doggie in her arms, cradling him and affectionately pressing her cheek against the dog’s fur. The grandma hadn't experienced such a happy moment in ages.

The family's plan has worked out and they got their smiling granny back!

Now Shirley and Sammy are best friends that won't leave each other's side for a moment. Shirley couldn't imagine more loving and affectionate pet than Sammy.  

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