Residents of Jamestown, North Carolina, had a stray cat hanging around their yard for a long time. The cat was an expectant mom and could give birth at any moment. The owners of the house made inquiries if the cat belonged to anyone but no one claimed it. Soon afterwards, the kitty gave birth to a litter of adorable kittens.

A couple of days later, the homeowners found a cat family in their garden. At that time, it had been raining heavily for several days in a row, and the cat tried to shield her kittens as best as she could. She took them under bushes in the garden so they wouldn't get wet.

Source: Sparkle Cat Rescue

Seeing that touching scene, the homeowners became worried about the weak kittens and immediately contacted Sparkle Cat Rescue. Its employee Sarah had to wade through the bushes to find the babies. When she arrived, the mother cat had dragged the kittens even deeper in the bushes.

Source: Sparkle Cat Rescue

The cat was soaking wet, but her main concern was that her babies were safe. While the volunteer was driving the cat family to the shelter, the mother licked the kittens and kept them warm by cuddling up to them.

Source: Sparkle Cat Rescue

Finally, cat mom and her four kittens were warm and safe. A kind caregiver Christy prepared a cozy place for them and fed them.

Source: Sparkle Cat Rescue

"Mom and her little ones are feeling great," rescue center volunteers told. "Cuddling, purring, and most importantly, together, safe and warm."

Source: Sparkle Cat Rescue

Source: petpop

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