Have you ever looked up at the sky, watching the clouds and trying to discern silhouettes in them? It's a pleasant pastime. Moreover, sometimes clouds look a lot like real people or animals.

It's these rare pictures that make people wonder if angels in the form of these clouds actually live in the sky. 

The clouds that resemble so much a dog were captured on photo that immediately went viral. The picture shows a sunset in a tropical coastal city. As shades of red and gold illuminated the sky, suddenly there was a silhouette of a dog sitting in the clouds.

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The silhouette of the dog was so realistic that it thrilled users with its extraordinary resemblance. But that wasn't the only thing that sparked a lot of talk about angels in the clouds taking the form of dogs.

When we lose a person, it is commonly believed that our loved ones go to another world. Now they are angels looking after those they have left behind. So when we see a dog in the clouds we think it is an angel too.

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Our dogs are our family, after all. So if we believe our human family members go to heaven, why shouldn't dogs go there, too? If a dog has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, it means he is waiting for his human companion to join him in the next world.

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Anyone who has a special bond with a dog can say that they have a soul just as humans do. When we lose our beloved pets, it is comforting to believe that their souls will live forever, and someday we will be able to see them again.

So when dog-shaped clouds emerge in the sky, we believe that there is a canine angel among us.

Source: leafclover

In fact, this is not the first time a canine angel has emerged in the form of a cloud. Many people have photographed this phenomenon. Furthermore, there are also lots of people who have unusual experiences shortly after losing their loved ones. This phenomenon happens too often to be considered just a coincidence.

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A quick Google search shows countless pictures of dog-shaped clouds. What's most intriguing is that none of them look alike. They are all as unique as their earthly counterparts.

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With such evidence, it becomes clear why it is so easy to believe that all dogs really do go to heaven. If this is true, then one need not fear death.

Source: leafclover

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