In the summer of 2020, Broken Arrow Animal Shelter of Oklahoma posted a photo on Facebook of a new pet, a Border Collie puppy with an interesting coloring of the coat. Nature "painted" a heart on the dog's chest, giving the puppy an extremely cute look.

The Border Collie puppy has an interesting natural coloring. Source: Broken Arrow Animal Shelter

This picture immediately attracted Internet users' attention, and the shelter began to receive hundreds of calls from those wishing to take in the dog with a heart. One family even went a step further and came up with an ingenious scheme to get their pet.

According to the rules of the shelter, all stray pets are quarantined for five days before they can be taken home. The pets are given out on a first-come, first-served basis.

After hearing about these terms, the Tulsa residents arrived at the facility 27 hours before the puppy could officially be adopted. The family drove from afar and spent more than a day in the parking in front of the shelter. Their efforts were rewarded as the puppy was handed over to them the next day.

Source: Broken Arrow Animal Shelter

It turned out that Luna, that was the name of the doggie, was to be a wedding present to a relative. It seemed to the family that a puppy with such a romantic coloring was the best way to symbolize the love and happiness that the newlyweds' hearts are full of.

Luna in her new home. Source: Broken Arrow Animal Shelter

The shelter staff were amazed. Over the years, no one had ever fought so hard for the right to take in a pet. The shelter hopes that Luna has ended up in a loving family and that she will be happy in her new home.

Source: novochag

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