This courageous woman struggled to become a mother for almost two decades. To make her dream come true, she's spent 18 years in obstetrical clinics. However, none of her multiple pregnancies succeeded.

Over the years, Tina Baker, 38, has lost six premature babies. Despite the pain and despair, the woman did not lose heart. After years of struggle Tina welcomed her long-awaited son, but the boy was born seriously ill and died before reaching adulthood. When Tina became pregnant for the eighth time, she felt excited but frightened. Fortunately, the woman welcomed a perfectly healthy baby girl Kara, who is now four months old. Tina and her husband Martin, 42, can't hide their happiness.

The Family

Tina and Martin Baker have always dreamed of having a large family. The woman conceived for the first time back in 1991, but lost her fetus in the ninth week of gestation. The couple was heartbroken, but they had no idea what ordeal the future had in store for them.

Several months later, Tina learnt that she was an expectant mother again. And on December 18, 1991, she welcomed her son Jack. Unfortunately, the boy wasn't developing properly. He was silent, refused from breastfeeding, and his head was growing disproportionately to his body. Eventually, Jack was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

"I walked out of the doctor's office holding poor Jack tightly," Tina recalls. "At that moment I made up my mind to give birth to a brother or sister so my son wouldn't be left alone."

The Son

Martin Baker quit his job to be able to spend 24 hours a day with his wife and physically challenged son.

"My dream of becoming a mother came true, but I knew I wanted more children," Tina explains.

Soon after Jack was born, Tina became pregnant again, but this pregnancy was unsuccessful either.

"Every month I prayed to God to send me a baby," Tina said. "I went through dozens of clinics to conceive ."

The Disease

However, the Bakers were forbidden to make attempts of conceiving even with the help of IVF in the near future. Then Martin took the exhausted wife and son on vacation at sea. On returning home, Tina learnt that she was pregnant again! Alas, misfortune continued to haunt the family. This time an early scan showed that the fetus wasn't viable due to the internal infection.

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"I was too weak to take the risk," Tina confesses.

After that, Tina fell into a severe depression. She could not hear friends or family talk about children, even TV commercials for diapers made her cry. But there was another blow to the family. Their son Jack was diagnosed with a rare incurable form of pneumonia, which meant that he had not much time left.

"Our little son needed us, and we had to forget about our dream of having another baby for a while. Then Martin offered to adopt a baby, but we were rejected because our son was terminally ill," Mrs. Baker recalls.

The Daughter

Soon, however, the woman still turned to an obstetrician for help. As it turned out, the diabetes was to blame for her failed pregnancies. Having undergone a course of insulin treatment, the woman was able to conceive again.

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In January 2008 Tina realized she was expecting a baby.

"I've lost so many babies, I was afraid to hear the bad news again," Tina admits. "But this time the pregnancy went well. It is true that doctors examined me every two weeks, I was regularly given IVs, and there was a calendar on my wall, on which I crossed off every day."

When Tina was seven months pregnant, her son Jack died.

"I went down to the kitchen, where Martin was," the heartbroken mother recalls. "He said, 'Don't enter our son's room, you shouldn't see this...'"

Ten days later, Martin and Tina buried their only child. At the funeral, they released white balloons into the sky and left white roses on his coffin.

On October 31, three weeks before their baby was due, Tina welcomed her daughter.

"Jack would have adored her, he loved children," Tina says crying. "When she grows up, we'll tell her all about her amazing brother and how we waited for her. She is our dream come true."

Source: dzen

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