The couple and their children live in northern Norway, on Sandhornøya Island. And despite the fact that their home is located outside the Arctic Circle, the family has tropical fruits and various vegetables growing in their yard.

Ambitious architectural project. Source: Pinterest

What's the secret? Their house is under a large dome, so the temperature in the yard is always high enough and comfortable for the plants, even if it is bitterly cold outside.

A family of six settled in Naturhus eco-friendly housing. The house itself, which measures 2,000 sqft, is built of straw and clay. A geodesic dome protects the structure from wind, cold and snow, which allows it to keep warm in the yard of the house, near which there are several flowerbeds.

The construction of the dome, which protects from frost - Source: Pinterest

According the family, it is impossible to do gardening all year round - the reason is the polar night, when it is dark outside the windows for three months. But even in such harsh conditions, the family manages to harvest from the beds, which is not typical for growing in such latitudes - apples, grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs and much more.

Authentic interior - Source: Pinterest

The family is environmentally conscious and always makes sure to minimize their destructive impact on nature. They try to use things made of biodegradable materials in their household, and water is reused to water the crops near the house.

Under Arctic skies - Source: Pinterest


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