A cat that was inside an enclosed wall with no exit has recently been rescued in Seoul, South Korea. All this time the kitty was fed by a store employee who guessed the origin of strange sounds behind the wall. The most amazing thing of this story is that all this time the guy was never sure he was helping the stuck cat. The animal was so frightened that its voice didn't sound much like a meow. The young man simply put a bowl of water and food in the slot, realizing that the captive's life completely depended on him.

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Finally, the administration decided to call in specialists. The rescuers had to break the ladder in order to get to the place where the kitty lived. But the captive did not hurry to come out. He was completely wild. Experiencing utmost stress he neither responded to calls nor could be lured by food.

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Only a hole in the ceiling helped the specialists get the cat out. He was completely unhappy with his release and behaved aggressively. His extreme unfriendliness to people forced the vets to sedate him. Fortunately, the medical examination showed that the kitty was quite healthy.

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The only problems he had were with his fur due to poor nutrition and excessively long claws. After the cat was groomed, he was adopted by the employee of the mall who had been feeding him. Now the kitty has a real home.

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