The little malnourished puppy stared hopefully at every vehicle passing by. Heartlessly left in the discarded chair, the doggie believed that his owner would come back for him. One day a true miracle happened indeed.

Sharon Norton, an animal control officer from Lincoln County, Mississippi, received a call. An abandoned puppy was reported to be seen by the roadside. On arriving at the rescue scene, the woman did not expect to see such a sad sight.

Source: Sharon Norton

On the roadside, among the illegally dumped furnishings and TV, a little dog was shivering in a chair. He did not realize that he, too, had been thrown away as an unwanted thing.

Source: Sharon Norton

The doggie was starving, but wouldn't leave his place, hoping his owner would return. However, the cruel human never came back. According to Sharon the poor thing looked like he had been in the chair for about a week since he ate greedily the treats the rescuer offered him.

Source: Sharon Norton

"He was very happy when I picked him up and carried him to the animal control truck," Norton said. "I could feel his tail hitting my back, wagging. He knows he's safe now."

Source: Sharon Norton

Being wormed and vaccinated, teh dog was still heartbroken that could be seen in his eyes. He was soon taken to a local shelter, where he is waiting for a forever home. We are sure that this little doggie will find a better life!

Source: Sharon Norton

Rescuer Sharon said that to her great sorrow that was not the saddest case in her practice. Now the woman is searching for the cruel person who heartlessly left the dog on the road.

Source: petpop

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