For most astrologers and astronomers, a planetary alignment is an extravaganza when certain planets come together. In June 2022, we will be able to observe a large parade of planets - Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon will be in the lineup.

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This is a time when energy should be channeled in a creative direction, when you can make wishes, build strategies, and set goals. The conjunction of Venus and Uranus will give a boom in romantic affairs. You can expect an unexpected meeting, love at first sight, a temperamental and emotional relationship. Use this period to correct mistakes, to do various practices, study with oracles, and develop your intuition.

For a significant event, you should prepare carefully: write on a piece of paper with a red pen your wish in the present tense. In this case, each sign of the Zodiac will perceive this event in its own way.

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Aries will have a chance for interesting and promising collaborations. Creative potential will open up, which will give rise to ideas for additional sources of income. Actions will be abrupt and spontaneous, but don't limit yourself, it will help you reach the next level.

Taurus will be worried about her property, inheritance, large investments. But a timely brilliant idea will help solve the problems. And most importantly, don't be afraid to take responsibility for building up capital.

Gemini will be smart-mouthed and giving out helpful advice to everyone (as always, though). Your job in June is to be a mentor and listen carefully to those around you.

Cancer has been walking calmly towards her goal, but the time has come when it is worth it showing yourself to the world from a different perspective. Of course, no one cancelled the lessons of life, but most of your fears will be just a figment of your imagination. Do not make a big deal out of it!

Leo is expecting publicity. In the near future you can find like-minded people, admirers of your talents, as well as support for your grand ideas from your surroundings.

It's time for Virgo to engage in spiritual and personal development, as you'll want to take it to the next level. You should be accumulating knowledge now so that you can use it in mentoring, coaching, or other training areas in the future.

Libras are always looking for a partnership, but this month you'll get a chance to reach certain heights in your career and raise your level of income on your own.

This month, Scorpio will have to gain new knowledge, travel and prove herself as a leader, both with close friends and strangers.

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Sagittarius has always had a craving for knowledge, but now she will look for the most comfortable conditions for her development. Online lessons from home are the best option for the near future.

Capricorn will gain power. She will be listened to without question and followed by all in her surroundings. She will feel in the role of "the master of life" the whole month

Aquarius will feel pressure from a loved one, there may be coldness in the relationship, but remember that this is not a reason to divorce or break up.

Pisces should take care of her health and listen to her true desires. Psychology and esoteric studies will multiply your income. In addition, your partner will support you in everything.


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