When Jodie Holness, 29, and her boyfriend Saxon Warman moved into their new home in Folkestone, UK, the couple decided to get a dog.

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"We wanted to get a puppy right after we moved into our own house. We've always had dogs in our families, and we felt that it was the dog's bark that was missing to be truly happy," the couple say. "And we've found Barking Mad Dog Rescue online."

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Barking Mad Dog Rescue is a charity dog shelter in Romania, which takes stray dogs from the streets. On seeing a photo of Hendrix, they immediately took to him. The little guy didn't know that happiness was awaiting him thousands of miles away.

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This little doggie together with his brothers were found abandoned on a vacant lot. After being spotted by volunteers the pups were taken to the shelter where they were safe waiting for future owners. Jodie and Saxon fell in love with Hendrix at first sight:

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The couple couldn't but take this adorable little one in. It wasn't long before the 4-month-old puppy was delivered to the UK. Hendrix made the long journey to his new owners, and couldn't wait to meet him.

When the guys were picking up the little doggie, the new owner couldn't hold back her tears!

The little doggie, who had been through so much, finally found the best home.

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"It was very exciting to finally be reunited with Hendrix," Jodie says. "He's quickly got used to his new home and has become a full member of our family."

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Now little Hendrix has grown up. He is very grateful to his owners for giving him a new life!

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