A woman walked into the Davidson County Animal Shelter in Lexington, North Carolina, on Sunday morning with a box in her hands. She said she wanted to surrender her guinea pigs to the shelter. The staff was expecting just a few, but there were 35 of them!

Source: Davidson County Animal Shelter

The owner said that originally she had two rodents. When she was no longer able to control their multiplying, she went to the shelter. According to her, most of the pets were between three and four months old. The staff agreed to take in the cavies, despite the lack of space.

Source: Davidson County Animal Shelter

The frightened and hungry cavies were not in good shape. Many of them had grown claws, dirty coats, and fur falling out. Apparently, because of such a large number of animals, the owner no longer took care of them.

Source: Davidson County Animal Shelter

When all the cavies were fed, washed, and put in their cages, they became more calm. The shelter staff immediately posted the pets' stories on social media. Surprisingly, in just a couple of days the cute little animals were taken to rescue centers or permanent homes.

Source: Davidson County Animal Shelter

Fortunately, all the 35 guinea pigs are now in good hands! The shelter asks all owners to neuter and spay not only guinea pigs, but other pets as well in case they can't take care of their offspring.

Source: Davidson County Animal Shelter

Source: petpop

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