A sluggish badger was afraid to cross a highway. He still stayed on the roadside when a clever coyote came to the rescue and showed him the safe way. A camera installed over the highway recorded the moment quite worthy being pictured in Disney cartoons.

Source: YouTube screenshot

The coyote definitely did it on purpose. He's not just running around a badger, but actually leading it to a culvert under the highway. At the beginning of the video the coyote jumps on the spot, attracting the attention of his buddy. Then he runs into the tunnel and out again. After making sure the badger understands everything, the coyote waits for him and they walk down the tunnel together.

Source: YouTube screenshot

A special camera installed near the tunnel filmed the scene. Such cameras are set up over such man-made paths to see which trails animals take more often.

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Mutual aid between coyotes and badgers is not unusual either. These animals hunt in pairs because their diets overlap. Coyotes and badgers hunt in pairs of two most of the time. Sometimes the team includes two coyotes and one badger.

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This kind of pairing is beneficial to both participants. The coyote catches up with the fast prey. The badger breaks up rodent's burrows, and they divide the prey between themselves.

Take a look at how the coyote is helping his buddy:

The animals understand the benefits of this cooperation, too. A coyote and a badger work to help each other.

Source: trendymen

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