Courtney Rogers, 36, of New Mexico, lives on a farm with her husband and eleven kids. The woman believes each of her children gets  enough attention and doesn't understand why she is criticized by strangers.

Courtney with her large brood. Source: PA Real Life

Courtney got married in 2008. Her husband Chris is a pastor; he is four years younger than her. Both spouses grew up in large families in which they were the eldest children. Courtney has five siblings and Chris has nine. The couple met through mutual friends at a church-sponsored camp. "Before we got married, he joked that we would have as many kids as his mom," Courtney says.

Courtney with her husband Chris. Source: PA Real Life

Now the couple are parents to five daughters and six sons. The oldest, Clint, is eleven years old, and the youngest, Caris, is six months old.

The youngest baby Caris. Source: PA Real Life

"Having several kids in diapers and a bunch of kids in strollers at the same time is normal for us," Courtney notes.

The family needs so many strollers. Source: PA Real Life

According to Courtney, it has not been more than nine months without being pregnant since she  married to Chris. The woman enjoys being a mom that's why she wants to have her twelfth baby. Seven of her kids were born naturally, and three (including the twins) were born by C-section. Courtney also had two miscarriages.

Courtney is a happy mom. Source: PA Real Life

"I love being pregnant. I love this state when a baby is growing inside of me, I love picking out a name and thinking about what he or she will be like," the mom-of-eleven shares.

Source: PA Real Life

Courtney says she has never used contraception. Before marriage, she was a virgin. And religion has nothing to do with her rejection of birth control. Courtney just doesn't like it. "I'm the only mother in the church with so many kids," Courtney says.

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Courtney loves taking selfies. Source: PA Real Life

The family bought a 15-seat van to house all the family members. The Rodgers' monthly groceries spending is about $1,200. Their children wear secondhand clothes and shoes.

The tenth baby Coralee. Source: PA Real Life

All of the children are homeschooled. Chris and Courtney were also once homeschooled. The couple assure that they enjoy tutoring their sons and daughters. Courtney says that the benefits of homeschooling are that each lesson is easily adaptable, and the children are not forced to sit in one place for hours.

The family loves going on a hike. Source: PA Real Life

"Chris and I love being parents and have a great time as a family," Courtney concludes.

Source: chips-journal

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