Hope For Paws, a California shelter, has recently shared the story of Jade the dog on social media. She was found on the street in the bushes along with six puppies. The new mother with a brood of pups was in need of a vet check-up and a warm safe home. However, Jade was acting cautious and didn't hurry to trust people. With great difficulty, animal welfare workers managed to lure the dog out of her hiding place and put a leash on her. Soon the whole canine family was caged up and taken to the shelter.

Jade and her pups. Source: Facebook screenshot

Jade was very nervous, and even when she was reunited with her pups, her anxiety wasn't relieved. The doggie was scratching at her cage, whining and howling. The rescuers had no idea what was wrong with her. A checkup at the vet showed that either the doggie or her puppies had no signs of health issues. But there was clearly something wrong with Jade.

The reason for the dog's unusual behavior was uncovered the next morning when a stranger came to the shelter with Jade's seventh puppy in his hands.

Jade's seventh pup. Source: Facebook screenshot

He said that the newborn puppy had been stolen from the dog shortly before the shelter staff arrived. But he managed to take the puppy away from the kidnapper and return it to its mom. The baby girl was immediately taken to Jade, who happily welcomed the puppy, licked her from head to toe, and nursed her. According to shelter employees, reunited with the cub, the dog was finally able to calm down and relax.

Source: Max Pixel

More than two months have passed since Jade and her pups were rescued. The little ones have grown up and are ready to live their own lives in their new homes. Now the family is at the shelter, but its workers hope that the story of the stolen puppy will attract attention to the mommy and her babies and they will find loving owners soon.

Source: theanimalrescuesite

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