A story about the strong bond between parents and children. How can the warmth of a family member bring them back to life?

Family tragedy. Source: parents.com

To feel like a complete family, David and Kate Ogg wanted children. It was difficult for the woman to get pregnant. It wasn't until three years after they were married that they were expecting twins. The couple began setting up the baby's room.

But on that day, everything turned around. The birth began in the sixth month of pregnancy and was very difficult for both the children and Kate. The woman gave birth to a boy and a girl.

Jamie holds his daddy's finger. Source: parents.com

Kate will never forget when the doctor came in after the birth and asked the young parents what they would name their son. The Ogg family immediately said: "Jamie." Sadness appeared in the doctor's eyes and he continued: "I'm sorry, folks, but we've lost Jamie...." The boy was gone.

A grief-stricken Kate wanted to hold her son for goodbye. The infant's body was cold; the woman asked her husband to warm Jamie with his warmth. David lay down beside them. The very young baby was lying on his mother's chest, and the woman talked to her son the whole time. She told the baby about his baby sister and how long they had been waiting for him. Kate said that all the uncles and aunts and grandparents were waiting for them at home. The woman cried...

Photo from the family archive. Source: parents.com

Suddenly the boy began to breathe. His tiny chest began to rise and fall. The child opened his eyes and took his father's finger. His little hand was little more than a grown man's fingernail. Jamie's alive!

Two years later, the Ogg family had another miracle. Kate gave birth to another son. Jamie's brother turned out to be a fully healthy baby. Now David and Kate are a real family.

Charming children. Source: parents.com

Source: parents.com

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