What would you do if you found an abandoned baby bird on the street? Most would pass it by, but there are those who would not only adopt the bird, but do everything in their power for its well-being. That's what the author of the video did. 

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"I was on a break one time, and I noticed a little, tiny ball of wet feathers. I don't know why Mama Goose seems to be not paying attention to this little guy, who is actually alive," the guy says.

The goose had laid eight eggs but only one of them hatched. At first, the chick was huddling to his mom, looking for warmth, so the guy didn't touch it. But the next day the man saw the mother push the gosling away. The poor thing was forced to crawl under a hot water pipe because it was freezing.

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Most likely, the goose gave birth to the chick too early, so she flew away, leaving it to die. The kind man picked up the gosling, put it in a box, and took it home. The baby was so weak that it would not have survived without help. The first couple of days the baby goose could not even hold its head straight. But by the fourth day of staying at the man's home, the gosling had already been able not only to hold its head, but it could also waddle, and some warm water in the sink made it truly happy.

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Soon the gosling started eating solid foods. At first the man thought it was a male, so he called it Mr. Waddles, but sometime later the man learnt it was a girl. However, he decided not to change her name.

"The little girl thought I was her parent and followed me everywhere. Even if I jokingly ran away, she tried to run after me as fast as her little legs could go. The little one grew up amazingly fast and gradually began to lose her yellow feathers, but instead of them there appeared stiffer and stronger white-gray feathers."

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The little goose ran very well, but the man wanted to teach her to fly. To show Ms. Waddles how to do it, the man stretched his arms out and started running, waving them as if they were wings. Then the goose chased the man, with her wings out, too.

"I had never raised a goose before, but I wanted to do everything in my power to teach her to fly. Eventually she did it. After a few days she got her legs off the ground and flew. It's a wild bird, and I decided to give her a chance to fly away from me, find a companion, and give offspring. But Waddles kept coming back to me."

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But one day the guy found her wounded. The poor bird looked like she had been hit by a car.

"The goose's wing was badly injured, and I was very sad, worried that she would die. The money was raised to have her wing amputated, because otherwise she would not have survived."

Now Waddles lives with her 'daddy.' The hardest thing for him is to keep her away from the water, because with one wing it would be difficult for her to swim in a large lake or river. But the kind man built her a small pond, because geese can't live without water. "I have no children, so Waddles is like a child to me, and I love her very much," the man confesses.

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