Corrie-Lynn Whyte of Ontario, Canada, is only 26, but she's already a mom of a toddler and triplets. When she welcomed her daughter Emily and got pregnant again, she probably told herself what all moms in that situation say: "It's going to be hard with two kids, but at least they will have fun growing up together."

At the time, Whyte no idea how much fun it would be for Emily, and for herself, to have triplets! Millions of Internet users are watching how the young mom copes with such a mob of babies. Indeed, Corrie manages not only to raise her babies, but also to run a blog called The Baby Gang.

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The super mom's followers are amused by the patience she shows when dealing with four fidgety kids with a smile on her face! The woman seems to be as cool as cucumber! Whyte's video of getting her 2-year-old Emily and 8-month-olds triplets Olivia, Jackson, and Levi ready for bed and changing them into their pajamas is just amazing. It has already been watched by over 193 million people worldwide!

Looking at the babies trying to crawl in different directions, we can only wonder how the mom remains so calm while deftly putting the clothes on the kids.

Of course, it's the experience that matters. Although Corrie admits that the children are now at the age when it is increasingly difficult for her to synchronize their routines. But these difficulties will soon be overcome.

Of course, Corrie's husband Dan helps her with everything, and The Baby Gang's 716,000 subscribers support her morally.

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