One customer bought an on-trend jacket in beautiful red, and it looked like it was practically new. She had longed for it, and she got her wish.

Unforgettable shopping. Source:

The girl paid for the purchase and returned home, imagining what a beauty she would be at an evening party. But an unpleasant surprise awaited her.

Jacket with a note. Source:

The fashionista was sure that with such a message, the jacket's former owner hinted to her relatives what she would like to wear during her last farewell. The joy of the purchase was quickly replaced by sadness, as the desire of the owner of the item never came true.

Shocking message. Source:

However, there is another version about the note in the pocket. Perhaps, the ex-owner recovered and decided to start a new life with the updating of her closet, and the jacket was sent to a charity. That's what the new owner told herself to keep the jacket anyway.


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