Most miracles are a result of the humans' good deeds. That's exactly what happened to a dog named Maggie, who by all accounts wasn't supposed to survive this winter nor her unborn puppies. But thanks to the efforts of a Texas family the doggie and her litter live a happy life now.

This is how heavily pregnant Maggie looked after being found on the streets of Fredericksburg, Texas.

Source: Aubrey Morgan

First Maggie was placed in a shelter, washed and treated, and then she was taken in by the Morgans. Aubrey Morgan already had three dogs, but she had never dealt with the birth of puppies. Fortunately, the woman didn't give up. Aubrey watched a lot of videos and bought all sorts of useful stuff, getting ready for the dog delivery. And then an extremely cold weather came to Texas, so the power went out, and the house was no longer heated.

Maggie went into labor when the temperature in the house was already 32 °F.

Source: Aubrey Morgan

It isn't the most enjoyable thing for a dog to deliver pups in freezing temperatures, but it is relatively safe since it often happens in the wild. The problem is that puppies need a lot of warmth in the first few days of life, and if they get even a little cold, they become sluggish, lose their appetite, and that's it. Aubrey and her husband did theirbest to solve the problem of how to keep the puppies warm when there was no heating in the house. First they boiled water, poured it into bottles and tried to warm one room, but it simply didn't work out.

Then the family came up with the idea to move to a car. There the labor continued!

Source: Aubrey Morgan

The first four puppies were born in the house, while the last three little ones in the car. Everything happened in the middle of the night, but the family ended up sitting inside for twelve hours until they were sure the pups were okay.

Source: Aubrey Morgan

But what next? Power and heat were still out and the forecast was bleak. Then Aubrey's husband risked his life to drive the car down the icy highway to their parents' house. A 45-minute drive and finally a miracle happened. Both people and pets were safe and warm!

Source: Aubrey Morgan

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Later, when the power came back, the family checked on the pups at the vet. The babies were perfectly healthy. They were named Daisy, Poppy, Ash, Rosie, Dahlia, Clover, and Astra. They came into the world the hard way and that's a good sign. If it wasn't for people's help, things would have turned out much more differently. Help those around you, no matter who they are!

Source: Aubrey Morgan

Source: lemurov

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