A severely matted dog was roaming the streets in search of leftovers. The pooch must have been maltreated in the past since she wouldn't approach people.

A passer-by spotted a poor matted doggie in an industrial area in Los Angeles. The pooch didn't look good, she was lost, dirty, and hungry. The doggie was immediately reported to the local shelter, Logan’s Legacy Rescue, and volunteers arrived to the site the same day. According to the volunteers, the dog must have been abused because the poor thing was extremely afraid of people.

Source: Suzette Hall

Although volunteers tried to approach the dog and take her to the car, the pooch would run away.

"I tried traps, I tried food, I tried everything. But nothing would work because the people working there would chase her away," said Suzette Hall, the founder of Logan’s Legacy Rescue.

The doggie was so intimidated that she was afraid even to come near Hall. It took Hall two weeks to catch the skittish dog. Only then the woman was able to pick the doggie up and take her to the car.

Source: Suzette Hall

Once the dog was in the car, she looked as if she was smiling. The doggie was so happy to be rescued that she couldn't hide her gratitude for the first time in a long time. When she realized no one would hurt her there, all her fears subsided. The dog was named Worth.

"I called her Worth because that's the name of the street she was on," Hall said. "And because she was worth all the trouble."

Source: Suzette Hall

At the shelter, Worth was fed, bathed, and groomed. After the haircut, she looked like a completely different dog. Having lost all her mats, she immediately cheered up. The doggie is currently in foster care, but Worth already has potential owners who fell in love with her after seeing her photos. She is going to a new forever home soon. Thank you for your help!

Source: Suzette Hall

Source: the dodo

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