Although the house hadn't been lived in for several weeks, a faithful dog was still sitting in its yard as if guarding the house and waiting for the owners to come back for him. But as the weeks went by no one ever came back.

When a couple moved out of their house in Florida a few weeks ago, they left their doggie behind. But the loyal pet was sitting outside his former home the whole time. Having chosen a spot near the fence, he would look around hoping that his owners would come for him soon. But the cruel people have never come…

Source: Everglades Angels Dog Rescue

As time passed, the dog grew thin and sad. His hope faded. Fortunately, a Good Samaritan noticed that something was wrong with the doggie and reported him to the local Everglades Angels Dog Rescue. A staff member immediately responded, knowing that the dog needed help right away. She arrived and tried to lure him out with treats but the faithful dog wouldn't leave his yard...

"He was very protective of his yard," Everglades Angels staff member Denise Guevara said. "He basically was guarding his property, but not, you know, aggressively or ferociously."

Source: Everglades Angels Dog Rescue

Only a few days later the pooch was lured out and taken to the shelter. There the doggie was given the name Salvatore. At first he was a little shy, but after he got used to the place he started interacting with everyone. The volunteers were amazed at how sweet, kind, and outgoing he was and could not comprehend how this adorable creature could be left to fend for himself. He's become a real favorite of the rescue center.

Source: Everglades Angels Dog Rescue

Now Salvatore has a new life ahead of him. Although he still lives in the shelter, a forever home is being looked for him. The shelter staff hopes that he will find a loving family very soon. Thank you for saving this handsome boy!

Source: Everglades Angels Dog Rescue

Source: the dodo

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