One day, a one-year-old mother cat named Esther with her six newly born kittens ended up in a shelter. But such a large feline family couldn't stay in the shelter, since mommy and her kittens needed extra attention. Fortunately, the kitty and her litter were taken in by a foster mom Laura.

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Although Esther had lived on the streets all her life, she got used to Laura's home very quickly. The kitty loved its calmness, warmth, and comfort. However, as soon as the kittens got a little older, momma cat had to forget about rest. The fluffy mother cat was extremely exhausted, trying to feed, to give attention to every baby, and, of course, keep track of them. However, the cat endured all the hardships selflessly, though it was obvious that taking care of such a large litter was not easy for her.

Besides Esther and her kittens, Laura had another pet in the house, a large dog named Raylan. As the babies were little, Laura didn't want to introduce them and their mom to this huge dog. However, one day Laura decided that it was time to do it. She knew that Raylan was very friendly since he had already helped her to take care of the pets she took in foster care. Laura could see that the cat was extremely exhausted in recent weeks and needed help, at least moral help.

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So Laura let Raylan and the cat with the kittens into the same room. Being accustomed to such meetings, the doggie wanted to befriend them but mama cat her arched back and hissed at the poor fellow so that he lay down and with a mad frightened look watched the furious cat not knowing what to do.

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But the kittens' reaction to the dog was quite the opposite. They came up to him and then calmly climbed right his back having no fear at all. The brave little ones cuddled up to Raylan while he was lying in fear and wouldn not dare to move being watched by the cat mom.

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However, when the kitty realized that the dog was not a threat to her babies and tried to take care of them, she liked him as well. Laura saw that Raylan was not only fond of Esther's kittens, but he also adored the cat mom even more. The doggie never left her side and she gratefully accepted the attention. They would sleep together, play together, and even eat from the same bowl. Both looked after the kittens to make sure they didn't do anything wrong.

Although the cat family was only taken in foster care, Laura decided to keep Esther with her forever, because the dog and the cat have become best friends. As for the kittens, Laura is currently looking for loving families for the babies. Hope they will all find loving families!

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