The fires in California were a great tragedy for many Americans. The owners of Madison the dog had to leave their house on fire and evacuate to the neighboring city.

Since it was an emergency departure, the family could not take their dogs with them. However, their pet Madison has turned out to be a real Hachiko. The smart pooch guarded his burnt out house and waited for his family against all odds.


Andrea Gaylord, Madison's owner, left urgently when a fire broke out in her home. There was no way to take her two dogs, Miguel and Madison, with her. However, the woman was very concerned about her pets and she did her best to find out any information about them. When she got permission to come back home, she took the chance and found her dog near her burned out house!


Of course, it was due to the kind woman Sheila Sullivan that the pooches have survived.

Sullivan took Miguel in and fed Madison. A new Hachiko was not ready to move to her place as he steadfastly guarded the home where he once lived with his family.


Indeed, it was well worth waiting for!

Finally, the doggie has finally reunited with his family.

This is the touching video Sullivan posted:


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