Meet the puppies Fritos and Raffles, an adorable Schnauzer Terrier mix. The babies have had an emotional bond since birth, and they have developed the nicest way of communicating. The adorable pups love holding each other's paws.

Fritos and Raffles have eight other siblings, but they don't have such a strong bond with the rest of the litter. It's hard to say how often Fritos and Raffles hold their paws, but they seem to find comfort amid the lively noise of the shelter by touching each other.

The inseparable couple do not have such a warm relationship with the other siblings. Source:

At other times, the little ones like playing with toys or resting in their beds. Whatever they do, they do it together. So far, the pups have only been vaccinated and chipped. They are not looking for a home now, but in the future volunteers hope that the inseparable couple can be placed with one family.


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