This young woman is known all over the world as "The Real Barbie from Berlin". She is 27 years old and her real name is Paris Herms. Her Instagram page already has more than 200,000 subscribers, and the number of her fans is growing every day.

From the personal archive. Source: Instagram

She says she didn't set a goal to have the biggest breasts in Germany, but she likes them a lot. Paris believes that she looks more feminine with her breasts.

Local celebrity. Source: Instagram

Paris not only changed the size of her breasts, but also beautified her face. She enlarged her lips, changed the shape of her nose and eyes. And the reason that drove her to do it was the constant bullying and ridicule of her classmates.

Fan of plastic surgery. Source: Instagram

But now Paris feels much more confident and has no intention of limiting herself with it!

Unachievable beauty. Source: Instagram


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