Youtube blogger Aurikatariina showed how she helped her depressed subscribers clean up their apartments, which were overgrown with garbage. One cleaning took the girl four days, and in the process she found a lot of moldy products. The blogger says she does it for free, because for her it is a blessing.

28 years old Aurika Tarina is a resident of Finland, runs a YouTube channel dedicated to how she cleans her friends' and subscribers' apartments. Judging by most of her videos, she doesn't charge for her services.

Cleaning as a hobby. Source:

9 months ago Aurika shared a video of herself cleaning her subscriber's house. The blogger said that the girl, who suffers from depression and other mental illnesses, asked for her help by sending photos of her apartment to her on Instagram. She did not refuse the subscriber and cleaned up her apartment.

The Blogger showed what the house looked like before she started cleaning: things were piled up on the floor, the bed was also strewn with various household items, there seemed to be free space only in the hallway.

The process of cleaning the kitchen. Source:

The blogger moved around the apartment like a minefield - everywhere there were piles of garbage and things waiting for her. For example, it was almost impossible to reach the toilet: the whole bathroom was strewn with packages and boxes.

"I found a sock with mold on it, but I'm not afraid of such things, it's the dirt that's afraid of me. And if I die while cleaning, know that I will die happy."

Aurika cleaned her apartment with the usual dishwashing liquid, water, and sponges. The girl was actively picking up trash in bags, wiping surfaces, and commenting on what was happening.

Impassable bath. Source:

And after Aurika thoroughly cleaned the bathroom, the room was unrecognizable: all the garbage was gone, under which things and rolls of toilet paper appeared to be rotting.

And this is how the subscriber's small studio apartment looks now - perfect order, clean floors, and no trash around.

Excellent result. Source:

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