The symbol of the 2023 year is the Black Water Rabbit. Since this animal is very nice and affectionate, it can bring you love and family happiness if you ask it in a proper way.

How to bring good luck to your home?

The Chinese believe that the rabbit is an animal that brings people good luck. That's why you should necessarily get its figurine. The best option is to buy a golden rabbit with coins and money in its paws. In this way you are likely to attract wealth to your family and secure the animal's support. If the rabbit holds a carrot in its paws, it will be an excellent charm for your business.

Dreaming of marital happiness or planning to find love the next year? Then pay attention to paired figurines in white, which should be placed near the window. If you choose a themed calendar, it should also depict two rabbits. You may attract your future husband in such a way.

Source: Legion Media

What to wear?

Since 2023 is the year of the Black Rabbit, you should have in your closet the favorite color of this animal. Wear a smart black outfit at the New Year Eve, and do not forget to wear silver accessories that hint at water.

Who to celebrate with?

Rabbit is a symbol of family happiness, he appreciates family ties, so if possible, celebrate the festival with your loved ones. As this animal is afraid of loud noises, it is better not to make too noisy parties in order not to scare the timid animal.

Source: Legion Media

How to decorate your home?

Try to make the atmoshpere in your house as natural as possible. Resort to green and beige, the colors the Rabbit likes. Avoid bright or predatory décor such as leopard cushions or towels.

What to cook for the dinner?

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Your menu should include plenty of vegetable salads and fruit snacks as well as fish and pork dishes. Be sure to decorate the living room with green or gold accessories, placing a Rabbit figurine in the center of the table.

How to make a wish?

Write your wishes on a piece of paper, and then read them out loud a few times. It is important to focus on every detail. If you dream of meeting your future husband, describe his appearance and the qualities that are important to you. Do you want to buy a new car? Then specify the brand, color, and any important for you details. Make your wish as detailed as possible and think about it as often as you can.


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