Lisa, a middle-aged woman, received a beautiful cat named Abby for her birthday. The kitty and the woman immediately became friends. They would spend their days sitting together on the couch watching TV, having their meals and enjoying each other's company.

Abby had an extraordinary skill. She warned her owner about various things she could either hear or see. One day the kitty heard some noise behind the walls of their house. Lisa carefully inspected their home, thinking she would find a mouse that might have been hiding for the winter, but she never found anything.


Soon afterwards early in the morning Abby meowed so loudly that she woke the woman up.  There was a crackling sound throughout the house, which was caused by a short circuit. After a moment, the house was already filled with thick smoke. The woman was able to grope her way out of the house, but unfortunately the cat stayed behind. Abby awakened her beloved friend, but immediately run away before Lisa could grab her.

Smart Abby bravely saved the woman's life. Now not a single day passes without someone in the family thanking sincerely the loyal pet. Lisa often thinks of Abby when she looks at her pictures as she misses her friend very much. The woman still can't get over the tragic events.

As the saying goes, "Time heals all wounds." As the bitterness of this sad loss gradually goes away, Lisa still mentions Abby with words of gratitude.


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