Eight years ago, a wealthy entrepreneur made up his mind to dramatically change his life. Owning a big business, John spent his money on expensive things and never thought about charity.

But a chance encounter in the street has changed everything ...

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"I was driving to my office when I suddenly saw a freezing doggie with a rope around its neck on the roadside. At that moment I felt something inside me. I instinctively stopped and opened the car door. The poor thing jumped right in. She looked terrible. I had to go to the vet, and postponed the meeting with my client. Since then Mrs. Jenkins has been living in my house," John recalls.

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That incident has dramatically changed the businessman's life. He could no longer pass by abandoned animals and took them all in.

Now the former entrepreneur lives in a small house in the country, where he moved with his family from a big city. He's sold his business, his real estate and a fleet of fifteen cars and built a dog shelter.

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"It is a spacious accommodation with an AC and heating system. I've seen numerous animal shelters. There's nothing good about them. Most of the time dogs sit in filthy cages. They are cold in winter and hot in summer. Therefore, you can say that I do not have a shelter, but a home which is cozy and warm."

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Over time, John places pets with kind families, using the connections he has made in recent years. And he has many friends! Volunteers from all over the world repost photos of the rescued animals and post them on their accounts.

"I am often informed about abandoned and sick dogs. In such cases, I just get in my car and go to rescue them. Once I had to drive 1,000 miles to save the lives of seventeen dogs. A dog is the only animal that cannot live without humans. So I help them," John says. Now the kind man has 46 dogs.

Source: pulse.com

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