Sometimes a tiny kitten can be a real surprise not only when you are given it in a beautiful box for your birthday, but also if you accidentally find it in your backyard. That's exactly what happened to a Tennessee family.

After moving to Nashville, a couple were busy renovating their new house. One day they found two newborn kittens in their backyard. The abandoned babies were immediately taken to a cat rescue. The caring volunteer Kiki quickly placed the babies with their foster moms, cats Olivia and Pickle, new mothers who raised their kittens together.

The two moms Olivia and Pickle welcomed the abandoned kittens into their litter


The moms warmly welcomed the adopted kittens, who were about 2 weeks old. The kittens were given nicknames, and now Apricot and Pretzel are being raised at the shelter by two caring moms.

However, this story is so touching not only because of the mercy of their feline mothers and the shelter staff. The point is that one of the babies was born with a very unusual coat. The kitten named Apricot was born with feline chimerism. The coat of the kitten has a unique color as his face is evenly divided into two parts: ginger and black.

Apricot the kitten is a Chimera cat


Chimera cats have an unusual appearance because their cells contain two DNAs. This means that during fetal development, the two embryos fused into one, and a two-faced kitten like Apricot was born.

No wonder this little cutie has become everyone's favorite


Apricot is a unique kitten who is liked by everyone at the shelter


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But for Olivia and Pickle all kittens are equal and they take care of both their babies and Pretzel and Apricot


The caring moms were found by the cat rescue a few months earlier and brought to the shelter. Olivia and Pickle spend all their time together, so the shelter staff don't want to separate them and even plan to give them up for adoption into the same family. In the meantime, the two moms are raising their kittens together and are preparing to become beloved pets for a loving family.

All the kittens will also be ready for adoption as soon as they are a little older!


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