Riaan Nysschens looked up at the ceiling and realized that his house was inhabited by small neighbors. They turned out to be galagows, a family of lorikeets, small nocturnal primates.

Photo from the family archive. Source: petpop.com

At first Riaan only noticed the adults, but over time he began to hear the squeaks of the cubs as well. Usually they stayed away from Riaan and didn't show their faces to him. One day everything changed. He was working at his computer when he heard a strange sound: something fell on the couch.

Adorable little kid. Source: petpop.com

Riaan discovered that one of the babies had fallen from the nest. The fall was cushioned by the couch. He could hear the mother worrying under the ceiling. Once he was sure the baby was okay, he put the baby on the kitchen table so the mother could see it. The worried animal went down to get the cub. 

Caring mother. Source: petpop.com

The man tried to show that he did not wish his neighbors any harm. It's important to him that the animals feel comfortable. "I just like to watch them from below and reach out in time of need," the homeowner said.

He has forever remembered the moment he met the cub, it was touching!

Source: petpop.com

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