While people stayed at home during the lockdown, nature started reclaiming suddenly deserted city areas. This is exactly what happened to Shawn Davis of Illinois. His backyard was first taken over by a pair of foxes, and then they brought their cubs there. Foxes liked so much the man's yard that they spent a few months under Shawn's windows, for whom the life of foxes has become a real show.

Shawn Davis noticed that the foxes had taken a fancy to his yard and installed a camera to film their life

Source: Shawn Davis

Shawn Davis was greatly surprised when he saw a couple of two red foxes in his yard in May. Shawn's family lives in the middle of an Illinois residential neighborhood, so the area can be hardly called a quiet place. However, the animals were not frightened by the people. On the contrary, more and more foxes dropped in Shawn's yard.

Over time, a family of seven animals, a mother, father and five cubs, occupied Shawn's yard

Source: Shawn Davis

The animals turned the patio into a playground and shelter

Source: Shawn Davis

They would curl up and sleep under the trees during the day, and play in the morning and evening.

Sometimes the yard turned into a canteen

Source: Shawn Davis

Since Shawn's family hardly ever left the house during the lockdown, watching the foxes' life was a great pleasure for them

Source: Shawn Davis

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The man thought that such a show was worth sharing with others, so he installed a camera in the yard and began filming the lives of his guests

Now that the foxes have grown up, they are rarely seen in the man's yard. But the family hopes that the animals will come back with their kids in the future.

Looking forward to the second season of Foxes in Shawn's Backyard show!

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