Holly Brookhauser adopted the green-eyed Rigby the cat from a shelter about six years ago. The woman already had one pet, Cannon, so she hoped that the kitties would become great friends.

A year later, Brookhauser began taking in little kittens in order to find them families. And that's when Rigby's true vocation was revealed. He turned out to be a wonderful whiskered babysitter for all the little ones.

As soon as the first foster babies came into the house, the cat went to check on them. And then he lay down next to them and began licking each kitten. It was amazing that he did it so gently and skillfully as if he was a real mommy cat.

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Rigby is especially fond of orphaned kittens and sleeps only with them.

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Th woman came up with an original method of feeding the babies left without a mother. Holly puts a bottle of milk on Rigby and the baby begins to suckle from it, while its paws rest against the belly of its nanny.

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When a mother cat with babies comes to Brookhauser's home, Rigby does not interfere in the rearing process. As soon as kittens grow up and begin to run, the whiskered nanny plays with them and does his best to help their mother.

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At the moment, the woman fosters Milly the cat, who lives with her six babies and five orphaned kittens at Brookhauser's home. Milly feeds and cares not only for her babies, but also for the orphaned kittens. When Millie leaves her babies to have dinner or wants to rest for a while, Rigby steps in to take care of the kittens.

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Tabby babysitter stays calm even when the kids pull his tail and try to bite his ears. And the little ones love their gentle and kind babysitter so much.

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Rigby is very happy to have kittens at home. After all, he has someone to look after and take care of.

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