This story happened in Serbia. A young man was riding his bike through the woods when he suddenly spotted a small stray puppy. The place where the puppy was found was in five miles from the nearest town. The poor thing was sitting by the road and seemed to be waiting for something.


The guy took pity on the little pup who most likely would have not survived if left alone in the woods. The unusual find was reported to an animal rescue. On learning the location of the dog a team of volunteers immediately went to pick it up. It was not safe to wait, since the puppy might have been starving.

Soon the volunteers arrived at the place where the little but very cute puppy was sitting by a rock.

When the pooch saw the car pulling up beside the rock, he jumped up and rushed to the bushes, barking at the visitors. Suddenly, several more puppies showed up behind him.


The little things were not afraid of people but, on the contrary, wagged their little tails in a friendly manner, yapping happily.

The volunteers were moved by this touching sight. Without hesitation, they took all the puppies to a shelter.

Fortunately, the young people had enough food with them to feed all the youngsters. They filled a large bowl with food and all the little ones pounced on the treat, wagging their tails in amusement. The poor things were very hungry.


After the dogs were full, the volunteers started interacting with them. The puppies behaved very friendly, allowed to be picked up and taken to the car.

Of the five puppies, only the brave orange one was a boy. While the little ones were sitting in the car, the volunteers tried to find their mother. Unfortunately, the search yielded no results. It is not clear how the pups managed to survive alone in the woods. Most likely, some cruel people simply brought them to the woods to get rid of them.

Unfortunately, many irresponsible owners do not neuter their pets, choosing to kill their offspring rather than to pay for a simple medical procedure.

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At the vets, the puppies were examined thoroughly, flea-treated and wormed. In a while they will be vaccinated and be ready to move to their forever home.


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