A little orphaned Santa Gertrudis calf has been taken in by Coral Elgie, 52, and her husband Wayne, 61. The couple lives in New Italy, a village in the Australian state of New Wales.

The steer was named Buddy, but it wasn't people who took care of him, it was their 2-year-old German Shepherd named Buda. At that time, she had just given birth to 11 puppies, and Buddy became her baby number 12.

These are Buda and Buddy, the two dogs. One by nature, the other a self-proclaimed one

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Buda is a 2-year-old pure-bred German Shepherd, a caring mother with a heart of gold. Buddy, a 6-week-old orphaned calf, was picked up by Buda's owners and given under the care of their German Shepherd. The shepherd is raising the Santa Gertrudis calf to be a really good boy.

Growing up in a dog family, Buddy has picked up many dog habits

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The little steer wags his tail, plays with the pups and cuddles with them while sleeping just like an ordinary puppy.

"He thinks he is a dog. He looks at other cows, but prefers to sit on the porch. He is very happy with the interaction with people and dogs."

Buda and Buddy get along very well

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He really likes Buda's grooming, and he returns her affection.

"She is constantly grooming him, licking him, cleaning his eyes. She stays by his side all the time. When he walks, she watches him. She follows him and, if necessary, chases after him. She loves spending time with Buddy, as she does with the rest of her pups. Buda is a great mom."

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Wayne's two kids, 12-year-old Bella and 10-year-old Lawson, also love Buddy

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From dogs, let alone puppies, Buddy is distinguished by his appetite. Every day he drinks about 1.2 gallons of milk. Yes, and the "baby" already weighs 84lb (and when he grows up he will gain at least 1400lb!).

However, Coral and Wayne say that Buddy is part of their family and will never be considered as meat. "He will always be our favorite bull, that's for sure no matter how big he is," Coral says.

Source: twizz.com

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