Dogs are generally considered as "good boys," but Hugo, a 6-month-old Cocker Spaniel, proves that he is not a sweet creature. This doggie has managed to run away from his family home over 270 times in his life! He can't be left unattended since he'll chew anything within his reach, even cash. Well, now "the world's worst cat" Perdita has a worthy competitor in terms of naughtiness!

Hugo the Cocker Spaniel has run away from his home more than 270 times


Hugo's owners' Kelly Coombs, 47, and Bryan, 46, also have two sons, 11 and 14. They call their pet "Hugo the Horror" because this little dog brings turmoil and cannot be trusted at all. He has been running away from home every other day since he was a tiny puppy. Hugo chews the netting, digs under the fence and makes a daring escape. Fortunately, he doesn't succeed in escaping very far and is usually found less than half an hour.

If Hugo doesn't plan an escape, he chews up EVERYTHING: furniture, clothes, and even cash


Kelly works from home, so she has the opportunity of not leaving Hugo unattended. But it still doesn't help; in addition to his love for escapes, the dog has a passion for chewing everything within his reach. He chews furniture, shoes, clothes, and once he has eaten $350. So the family has to double check to see if there is anything left that the doggie can destroy. He's very fond of zippers. And it's a good thing he hasn't realized they're on the couch yet!

Why is Hugo acting this way?


The family doesn't know the exact reason for Hugo's behavior. The doggie has a great life and is accepted and loved just as he is. Maybe he's just a naughty boy, or maybe he's just young and can't sit still because he craves for adventure. Time will tell!


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