Diamond Crater State Park in Arkansas is located above a volcano that collapsed 95 million years ago. Once magma brought diamonds to the surface, and now anyone can try their luck in the 15-hectare field. Kevin Kinard visited the park several times, but always returned home empty-handed. Now all that has changed, because he has the second-largest diamond found in the park's history.

Photo from personal archive. Source: dailystar.com

"Anything that looks like a crystal, I take and put in my bag," said the lucky man. - That day I came across a crystal the size of a marble toy. It looked interesting and shiny, but I thought it was just glass."

On the way back, Kevin Kinard and his friends dropped off their findings at the diamond detection center, and moments later the 33-year-old bank clerk was told the happy news.

An unforgettable day. Source: dailystar.com

"I honestly cried when they told me about it. I was in complete shock," the man said. He decided to call his find the Kinard Friendship Diamond. - It weighs 9.07 carats and I found it at 7.09. It's so unique."

Since the discovery of Diamond Crater in 1906, more than 75,000 gems have been found in the park, but Kinard's case is unique - it's the second largest diamond found on its property.

Source: dailystar.com

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