The problem of environmental pollution has become so acute these days that not only people, but also animals have taken up cleaning up. Molly, a 2-year-old Labrador, goes out to the North Sea shore every day and picks up whole bags of trash. Fliss Carter, the dog's owner, noticed that her pet was attracted to plastic bottles long ago. The savvy woman has come up with a way to turn Molly's interest into a useful activity.   

Fliss Carter has noticed that her dog Molly takes all kinds of junk during their walks


In 2017 Fliss moved to Scarborough, an English town on the North Sea, UK, and opened her store there. That's when their first walks on the beach began. At that time, Molly was still a puppy, who would taste everything within her reach.

Instead of forbidding her doggie to touch the garbage, the woman taught her to pick it up

Molly takes all kinds of junk during their walks. Source:

Since then every day Molly and her owner have walked along the beach picking up the trash they come across


Molly doesn't even ask for a treat for something she's found or dug up; she's just happy to be able to clean up the beach. All Carter has to do is give Molly a word of praise, and the doggie glows with happiness.

Fliss teaches her pet not to touch things that are dangerous to her life


The owner complains that Molly can't tell empty bottles from full ones which she sometimes steals from other people. The victims are sympathetic to the little thief and don't get angry at all.

Now Molly and Fliss never leave home without their buckets and bags

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And a good example for other beachgoers


Fliss hopes that other people will notice the dog and think ten times before littering on the beach. Maybe someone will join Molly and help make this world a little cleaner.


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