Opposites attract and dogs are no exception! An unusual couple with a very large size difference have become inseparable, and their differences in temper and size aren't a problem. Shelby, a blind three-year-old, 8st 5lbs Great Dane, and Bianca, a 2lbs Chihuahua, have been together since the Bianca's birth and they have never parted since. Their photos prove that they are best friends!

Little Chihuahua Bianca and Shelby the Great Dane are best friends despite the difference in size

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The couple met at the home of Shirley Zindler, 51, a retired animal control officer, who now runs Dogwood Animal Rescue in Sebastopol, California. Shirley has 12 dogs living at home among which there are her own pets and those she has taken into foster care.

The couple haven't parted since they met

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Five inch-long, 2lbs Bianca was taken in by Shirley several months ago when her mother had died in labor. As Zindler began bottle-feeding Bianca, three-year-old Shelby was always by Bianca's side. Well, over time, a true friendship developed between the dogs:

"As Bianca got older, she took an interest in Shelby, and it was so cute," Shirley says.

Shelby has even started treating the Chihuahua like her own baby:

"It's important for puppies to grow up with their mom and to be around other dogs. Bianca doesn't have a mother, but I think Shelby is deeply attached to her," Zindler adds.

The difference in temper and size is not an obstacle for them

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Baby Bianca weighs 2lbs and her blind friend Shelby weighs 8st 5lbs, and they have very different characters, too. According to their owner, the Great Dane is all the calmness and sweetness, and very playful. But the Chihuahua is a little naughty girl!

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These two are a perfect match!

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Their friendship is so special. No one could imagine that the dogs so different in size would play with each other.

Unfortunately, the couple will have to part since a new home has already been found for little Bianca. But she was happy to spend her first days with her doting Great Dane!

Source: twizz.com

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