A rescued dog looked sad all the time, and didn't really trust people. He was found roaming the streets, but at the time people had no idea that behind his grim face was a gentle, affectionate creature who just needed love.

This grumpy pit bull was picked up on the street in Cumberland County. He was brought to the local shelter, and as soon as the staff saw him, they got worried. The first thing that struck them was that the dog had an always sad and stern expression on his face, so they thought he might be difficult to handle...

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The pittie was named Frank and shelter staff began to slowly get to know him. The nature of the dog, however, sometimes matched his appearance. Frank could behave aggressively and unpredictably. But the shelter staff did everything they could to show him what true love was and that the world was not such a bad place.

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The volunteers patiently started teaching Frank good manners such as how to ask for what he wanted without showing aggression, and how to walk on a leash. As the days went by, Frank began to trust his new friends and even play with them. He slowly realized that no one there would hurt him and that he was accepted just as he was.

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Thanks to the volunteers, within a few weeks Frank smiled for the first time. The grim expression on his face was replaced by joy in his eyes, and he became a happy doggie. "Frank has made great progress with the help of volunteers. He no longer growls at people when he meets them, which is a big victory for us," the shelter owner says. Frank must have just needed a lot of love, because it's unknown what this boy had gone through before he was rescued...

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Soon Frank will be placed with foster family, and when he is fully ready, a forever home will be found for him. For now, volunteers continue to build his social skills and trust in people, and the doggie is making great progress. Be happy, Frank!

Source: petpop.cc

Source: petpop.cc

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