Pets are not just animals, they become real family members. And when something happens to them, it is as painful as if something happened to a person.

A Californian resident Robert, who asked that his last name be withheld, had a dramatic event in 2012. His beloved cat Chebon went missing. The man even postponed his relocation to Ohio in hope of finding his pet.

Man postpones relocation to find his lost cat

"I remember praying one day and saying, 'God, I'll do anything, just bring me back Chebon.'"

But time passed and the search yielded no results. After a year of unsuccessful attempts, Robert gave up hope. This is where the story could have ended if it had not been for a kind woman.

In 2019, a kind woman spotted a stray cat and took it to the vet

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The cat was dehydrated and malnourished due to living on the streets, but all in all, he was surprisingly healthy. The cat had a microchip, and when it was scanned, it turned out that the pet was 19 years old and his owner was Robert. It was Chebon!

Thanks to the microchip, the vets contacted Robert

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Robert was worried that there had been some kind of mistake. He went immediately to the shelter where the cat was.

Robert was brought into the room, and as soon as the box with the cat was opened, tears appeared in his eyes

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It didn't seem like there had been seven years of living apart

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The cat put his paws on the man's shoulders, and then the man burst out crying

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All the people present also could not hold back their tears

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The video of the touching reunion:

Now Chebon is finally home after 7 years of roaming the streets. He will spend the sunset of his life in comfort and warmth together with his dear friend. Miracles do happen!


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