43 years old Tracy Park was shocked when her family grew from three to seven in just one year. She gave birth to her eldest son Hunter when she was 30, and the couple hasn't been able to conceive naturally since. After four unsuccessful IVF attempts in 2016, Tracy and her husband Peter decided to enlist the services of a surrogate mother.

When the woman who agreed to carry the baby was already pregnant with twins, the couple learned that the last IVF procedure was successful.

Happy together. Source: parents.com

In August 2017, Tracy gave birth to daughter Harlow, conceived through reproductive technology, and in January 2018, a surrogate mother gave birth to girls Piper and Presley. Tracy and Peter were initially worried about twins, fearing a lack of space in the house, but then decided to move to a larger cottage.

After the move, Tracy was surprised to discover that she was pregnant - this time IVF was not required, everything happened naturally. In September 2018, the mother of many children gave birth to Dylan. Thus, in just 13 months, Tracy and Peter became parents of four young children.

Photo from the family archive. Source: parents.com

Now the couple is encouraging others not to give up on the dream of becoming parents, and they talk about their lives on their Instagram blog (@almosttripletsnyc).

"I think people should never give up trying to have a baby; today's technology is incredible. Be open to different ways: IVF, surrogacy, adoption, foster care. There's nothing like parenthood."

Charming family. Source: parents.com

Source: parents.com

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