In the past dogs were kept to guard, hunt, or help people, but now their main job is to be cute. And Maxine the Fluffy Corgi does an excellent job, bringing joy not only to her owner, but also to everyone around her. Since Maxine's owner carries his pet in his backpack, his every appearance in the New York subway causes a storm of emotions among other passengers.

Source: @madmax_fluffyroad

Maxine the Fluffy Corgi travels everywhere with her owner

Source: @madmax_fluffyroad

Brian Reisberg doesn't always take his camera with him, but his dog always stays by his side

Source: @madmax_fluffyroad

Source: @madmax_fluffyroad

According to Brian, he is lucky to work in the dog-friendly places

Source: @madmax_fluffyroad

So he's been taking his dog with him since Maxine was just a puppy. And traveling with her owner is quite usual for her.

Brian carries his dog in his backpack

Since pets can only be transported in carrier or bags on the New York City subway, Brian began carrying Maxine in his backpack. And the dog clearly doesn't object to this way of traveling!

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First, Brian was just taking pictures of Maxine's cute face sticking out from behind his shoulder

Source: @madmax_fluffyroad

But then the man started noticing how people reacted to Maxine

Source: @madmax_fluffyroad

Brian started taking pictures of the emotions of people seeing the cute little corgi in his backpack

Strangers have all kinds of reactions

But most can't help paying attention to Maxine!

How not to pet such a cutie!

According to Brian, he's glad people like his dog:

"I've lived in this city for 14 years, and I've never seen so many people smiling in a crowded subway car during rush hour."

Source: @madmax_fluffyroad

So Maxine brings joy not only to her owner, but also to everyone around her!


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