In 2015, Tom Turcich lost a close friend. At that moment he realized that he would no longer sit in one place, so he decided to have an adventure for himself. Tom left his home in New Jersey and didn't return for about five years. He set out on a hike, aiming to walk 40,000 kilometers across all seven continents.

An unforgettable trip. Source: Instagram

Shortly after the hike began, Turcich, 31, met a stray dog in Austin, Texas, and took it with him. The dog's name is Savannah. Now he has 27,000 kilometers and 37 countries behind him, 13,000 kilometers to the next continent - but because of the pandemic, Tom and Savannah were stuck in Azerbaijan, where restrictive measures are in effect and exit from the country were closed. The hikers waited until the lockdown was lifted to head to Mongolia and eventually Australia before finally returning to the United States.

Faithful companion. Source: Instagram

Tom wants Savannah to be the first dog in the world to cross America on his four - and even the first dog to cross the world. The guy admits that he originally took the dog with him for safety reasons, but after crossing Mexico together, he developed a "deep sense of respect" for Savannah. Plus, the dog keeps Tom company, otherwise the trip would have been a lonely one.

Adorable puppy. Source: Instagram

But of course there are difficulties, too. They vary from country to country. For example, in Costa Rica you have to adapt to the heat and humidity of the jungle, and next year on the way to Kazakhstan you will have to provide yourself with enough water and food while walking through the desert between cities. There is another recurring problem: finding a place to spend the night.

As soon as he can, Turcich will move east, and after Australia he will head for the States, where he plans to reach his native New Jersey from California in six months. Savannah is with him.


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