Chopsie, a one-year-old sheep from Bampton, UK, born as a sheep and looking like a sheep, is now a real dog. As soon as she was introduced to a doggie company, she realized that she liked to run around in the field and bark at other dogs, and that sleeping next to sheep was clearly not her cup of tea.

The owner of the new 'Sheep Terrier' just shrugs her shoulders. What can she do?

Find the odd one out


If you thought that this photo depicts only dogs, you're mistaken. There is Chopsie the sheep right in the center of the photo.

Chopsie the sheep is a purebred dog by nature


Living with other dogs Chopsie has got used to their lifestyle so much that she can't imagine a different life.

Chopsie lives in a small British town of Bampton


Her owner, Siobhan Chirrel O'Kelly, a 28-year-old dog owner, bought Chopsie last year as a lamb. The woman needed a lamb for her job. As a dog trainer, she planned to teach her clients' dogs not to attack sheep. But something went wrong.

A sheep with that sense of self wouldn't hurt any dog!


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Here's what Siobhan tells us about her pet sheep:

"Chopsie walks, plays with the dogs and even comes running when I call her. She goes crazy when she sees another dog walking near the field. And she barks almost as much as the dogs do at other dogs."

Chopsie is totally confident in her life choices and does woof instead of baa


"I don't think dog owners know how to behave when she follows their pet. Sometimes they don't even realize it's a sheep because she's running around with other dogs, but when people notice something wrong, they are absolutely amazed, "Oh, my God, is that a sheep?"

Like any other dog, Chopsie won't sleep with other sheep


"I've tried to get Chopsy back to other sheep, but she's afraid of them and comes running back."

The Bampton pack and its leader, a dog named Chopsie!


Wondering if the horse and pony think they're dogs, too?


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