Paige Graham is the owner of a dog shelter that houses about 20 pets with special needs. She thought that it was absolutely impossible for her to take in another dog, but little did she know what surprise the future had in store for her.

One morning, Graham came out on the porch of her dog shelter. She was taken aback when she spotted that the fence had been chewed up and an unknown dog was sitting on the porch. Although he looked emaciated and malnourished, he did not trust Graham. As soon as the woman reached out to the dog, he immediately ran away through a hole he had made.


The next day Paige met the doggie again when she took her pups for a walk. The woman had to drive the new pet away, because she had the physically challenged residents of the shelter with her, whose safety she was greatly concerned about. But the dog immediately came back, digging another hole under the fence!

That's when Paige realized that she couldn't get rid of this intruder. On second thoughts she took a leash, came up to the dog, and... the pooch trusted her! The woman named the dog Randy.


As the vets didn't find a microchip, Randy had to be placed with new owners. For some reason Paige was sure she could find a new home for this unusually stubborn pet.


And she did. One of the volunteers helping with handicapped dogs was absolutely fascinated by Paige Graham's new foster doggie. So now Randy is a happy doggie living with a new, loving family.


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