A little puppy got cold in the freezing autumn wind when it was wandering the woods all alone. Fortunately, the mother duck came to his rescue, and the adorable duo was captured on video.

The puppy is still very small and hardly understands that it is a bird in front of it. But the mother duck behaves quite consciously. First, she gently covers the pup with her wing and then lets the little one cuddle up to her.

Source: YouTube screenshot

The situation looks so cute in the video:

When the weather gets cold, the puppy finds the mother duck to keep warm from cute

The pair seems to have known each other for several days. The same Internet user has recently posted another video, where the puppy is riding the doting bird:

In nature animals of different species often become friends. Indeed, what can be more pleasant than enjoying to support each other?

Source: trendymen.com

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